Every player must sign a waiver and give the waiver to the official. Team captain will be held accountable if players did not sign the waiver and played, team captain could be terminated from the league completely.


  • 6 on 6 format (2 Females & 4 Males) IF you only have 1 female on the field you can not sub a 5th male and will have to play a player down.

  • Each field will be 60 yards

  • 20min Halves, Coin toss will determine who starts on offense/defense 

  • First possession of each half the ball will be placed on the 3 yard line

  • No safeties. If there is a sack in the end zone, the ref will mark off 5 yards off on next positive yardage (play).

  • Two first down markers will be placed on each 20 yard line.

  • You have 4 downs to gain a first down

  • The spot of the ball will be placed where the call is made not where the flag was pulled

  • Ref will have a place-marker and the marker will be placed after each play to indicate line of scrimmage  

  • Ball across the goal line results in a touchdown 

  • 6pts for a male touchdown 8pts for a female touchdown

  • Extra point: 1pt conversation; ball will be placed on the 3yd line; 2pt Conversation; will be placed on the 7yd line

  • Must be a center to start each play, after the ball is hiked center is eligible to become a receiver 

  • Defense of rusher is placed 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage and will have to wait 4 seconds before he/she can rush the QB 

  • Referee will be in charge of the 4 Mississippi rule every down

  • If Defense of rusher rushes before the 4 second rule, the defense will be eligible to forfeit their one blitz per possession. If the blitz was already used there will be a 5yd penalty added to the play and repeat of down.

  • PI (Pass Interference) will be a 5 yd penalty and a repeat of down  

  • Fumbles result in a dead ball where the player loses control. If the fumble is behind the line of scrimmage, the ball is dead at the spot.

  • Interceptions may be advanced if returned for a touchdown and/or on extra point defense will be rewarded the points. 

  • If a players knee, elbow, body or the ball hits the ground without being touched, they will be ruled down and the play is over.

  • If a players flag falls off before the catch, he/she will be down on first contact. .

  • There is no diving by the ball carrier, blocking, or fighting at any time.

  • Mercy rule is in effect. If a team is leading by 40 or more points in the second half of the game, the game clock will run.. (Captains may override this rule)

  • Guarding the flag: Runners shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag. No stiff arming or jumping to avoid a flag pull! Guarding the flag will result in a 5 yard loss from the spot of the foul. Hurdling over an opponent is illegal and will result in a 5 yard loss from the spot of the foul. Holding a player in attempt to impede their progress in general, or to grab their flag will result in a 5 yard advancement from the end of the play

  • If the game results in a tie, the ball will be placed at the 15yd line (First possession is determined by a coin toss). Each team will have an equal opportunity (4 downs) to score a touchdown and must go for a 2pt conversion from the 10yd line.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero tolerance policy for fighting or excessive and offensive language used by the player will result in a suspension or banned from the league entirely. There will be no refunds!!!! Designated Team Captains will be held accountable for all MMNTM Policies rules & regulations for each member of their team.

It’s time to have competitive Fun with Friends and the MMNTM crew