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The Arnold #1

The MMNTM is flexing away on the top of the totem pole. With a staggering 20 touchdowns in 4 MMNTM appearances, it has us wondering if anyone can handle their stature. Will anyone be able to handle their explosive offense?

Total Points: 158pts


The DogTown #2

Show me your tds has just Jumped Back that pass up landing them in the number 2 spot. Show me your tds have been on a tear, carving through the competition with ease!!! It has us wondering if they have what it takes to overthrow The MMNTM off the top spot.

Total Points: 146pts

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Baywatch your ass #3

With the skills and sex appeal Back that Pass up possess, there is no wonder the competition is looking as if they are running in slow motion… Landing them in the #3 spot, Back that pass up is determined to strike a pose at the top of the totem pole

Total Points: 126pts

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Rolling through #4

Watch out Equinox is skating past the competition as they are putting up more and more numbers as the season progresses. With all that style and grace no wonder Equinox is in 4th place!

Total Points: 106pts




  1. THE MMNTM (4-0) 158 Pts

  2. SHOW ME YOUR TD’S (3-1) 146 Pts

  3. BACK THAT PASS UP (2-2) 126 Pts

  4. EQUINOX (1-3) 106 Pts

  5. A TEAM HAS NO NAME (1-3) 90 Pts

  6. MUTESIX (1-3) 77 Pts